About Terry

Who is the Shrinking Woman?

"I am Passionate about helping women achieve their potential weight."

Terry Taylor, aka The Shrinking Woman, is a free spirit, down to earth, ordinary and everyday woman who struggled with a weight problem for most of her life. However, she found a way to turn her weight problem around  to lose 85 pounds and fit into her black leather suit. She is an Author and the founder and CEO of The Shrinking Woman company.

Here’s her story:

In 1996  weighing 219 pounds, wearing a size 221/2,  I was  unhappy  and depressed  about my weight.  God spoke to me and told me that I could be any size that I wanted to be, this encounter changed my life! After hearing from God I decided to change my life. 

On January 2, 1997,  I made a new year resolution to lose weight and get down to 140 pounds. I got my size 12 black leather suit out the closet that I had been wanting to wear for over two years. I took pictures of  myself in my suit and made a commitment to wear my black leather suit before the year was over. That was the beginning of my weight loss journey  

Each week,  the first seven weeks, I would make a small change in my eating habits and every month, the first month I lost 20 pounds and I tried on my suit and took pictures of how it fit. Then week by week, little by little,  month after month. The weight was coming off, 7 pound, 9 pounds, 4 pounds  I was shrinking and I was getting closer and closer to wearing my suit.   

 Nine months later, I looked like a brand new woman and I felt amazing!!! I had lost 74 pounds and finally got to wear my black leather suit! Now looking back, I know that I made the right decision to change my life.

After losing weight I wanted to share my incredible weight loss program with those women ready to lose those extra pounds that were weighing them down . So I  went on to develop my personal program that I founded and created to help other women like herself.  

The Shrinking Woman club. Now my goal is to help, inspire and encourage those women who are ready to lose weight to achieve their personal goals and gain a healthy life-style too! 

This inspired me to keep going so I developed my program and created the shrinking woman club to share her incredible self-help weight loss program in hopes it will encourage and inspire and help those sisters  ready to change their life and live slim.  

I decided to develop my program and create the Shrinking Woman Club and share my incredible self-help weight-loss program in hopes that it will inspire, encourage and help women to lose weight, maintain weight-loss, and keep it off long-term.

Terry J. Taylor, The Shrinking woman

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